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Fransa RERINO 1 CARDIGAN 20604596
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Fransa REALLY 2 CARDIGAN 20604686
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Fransa ZUVIC 60 CARDIGAN 20600195
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Fransa LIPARTY 1 CARDIGAN 20603182
Varenummer: 460117
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Fransa NIMALINE 2 CARDIGAN 20603554
Varenummer: 467363
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DKK 199,98

Fransa Company was established in 1968 in Denmark. In 1990 it was acquired by the Brandtex Group (BTX Group). Since 2012 Fransa is a part of the successfull brand port folio at DK Company A/S.

With the right assortment of great styles Fransa primarily focuses on women who like to be feminine and well dressed with a keen appreciation of style and quality. Ranging from the very feminine look with decoration details for special occasions to a great mixture for life at the office as well as more casual styles.

Fransa ∙ Niels P Thomsens vej 3 ∙ 7500 Holstebro ∙ DK ∙ +45 97 41 04 15 ∙